My first internship class experience with digital marketing sensation, Digital Deepak

Hey, hello, namaste to everyone. I hope you all are doing something productive in your life. I am Shubham Singh, a student of B.Tech from Delhi NCR. After successfully wasting my one year in, I got to know about Digital marketing. After watching some videos on youtube, I was like what an amazing field it is and I decided to make money without knowing a single word of Digital marketing. I made my youtube channel, a blog named, and social media as well and start posting content on them but failed to make money. I watched many videos on SEO, Backlink, and many more but they didn’t work for me. I desperately need a mentor who guides me. After a few whiles, I chose to learn Digital marketing.

Who is Digital Deepak

In search of a good mentor, I find Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju as my mentor. Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the best digital marketers in India. He is also a blogger, influencer, and trainer. He has some successful ventures under their name which are and many more. He has an amazing skill for explaining things with a real-life example. He had experience in managing major brands like Instamojo, Razorpay, etc.

The Digital Deepak Internship Program

I enrolled for a free session and by the time of ending I was sure to go for the Internship Program. In this program, we have to attend the class weekly followed by the assignment. The best thing about this Internship Program is that you get all your money back by the end of the program with a bonus for top performers. It is a very unique internship program that I ever saw. You earn more than what you invest in it.

Learning from the First Class


At the very start of the class, Deepak sir asked us to write your goal for the program. He also gave a short talk on the goal and how it will be befitted for us if decided early. So, what is the goal” basically Goal is the person’s ambition or effort, the desired result”.

“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them” ~Walt Disney

Finding Gold

Deepak sir asked us to explore yourself from inside and find the gold for yourself. Here the finding gold means finding your desired skill. If you are confident, loyal, and good with your desired skills then money will come to you.

Market Expansion

It is the era of globalization and every market expends to a wider section. The market expansion means business growth strategy. Many companies across the globe adopt a market expansion strategy.

Let’s take the example of the Automobile Industry. In this, first a car made and sold to the customer. After this many car materials such as lather sets, alloy wheels, car washing tools, polish, and other many things are sold by the company. It is the concept of market expansion, they expend their market from car to many things.

Global Economics

You must be wonder about this topic. You have one question in your mind what is the need of global economics in the digital marketing. Here my answer is …..Global Economics plays a vital role in digital marketing. Our country is the youngest in the world and it has a bright future in every field. When it comes to Digital Marketing, a few factors that favor India are a cheap internet connection, mass audience, and internet growth rate.

The country’s economy goes up when the average age increases because they likely to spend more on their needs, in college fees, in children’s school fees, and in buying 4BHK flat. The economy of any country goes down when the average age of the country increases above 50 because they likely to spend less as they did not have any desire to fulfill.

In global economics, nevertheless one should worry about the recession because people always spend on quality. Deepak sir quoted this “During recession strong company survive and the weak company fails”.

If you want to study deep about economics there are few books suggested by Deepak sir

. Economic 101

. Currency wars

. Wealth of Nations

. Book by Raghuram Rajan

Please take a look on image attached below

Communication: Key Basic Skill

Communication is the key basic skill in every aspect of marketing. One should know how to communicate as in marketing we have to master the skill of negotiation. Deepak sir suggested us a few basic steps to improve and enhance our communication skill which follows:

. Reading at least 30 minutes a day

. Start thinking in English

. Writing 500 words per day

. Watch English sitcoms like The Office, Seinfeld

Digital Marketing and it's future

Digital Marketing is the marketing trend in which marketing is done with the help of technology. It is started a couple of years before and it gets boom in 2019 and 2020. Many big MNCs company looks to outsource their digital marketing project to India as we have a cheap Internet connection and the highest growth rates of the Internet.

The market of digital marketing will get double in the coming years even it can replace the traditional trend of marketing.

Marketing + Digital Technology = Digital Marketing

Working of Integrated Digital Marketing

In integrated Digital marketing, the baseline is content marketing, and other things like SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc plays a backend role. Let’s take the example of my mentor’s website In this they create their content first and publishes on their website after that they rank their content on Google using search engine optimization (SEO). Through Google ranking, they get traffic and make sure that their audience does not close the site without subscribing through E-Mail. With the help of an automated tool system, they send trigger-based emails that can be shot as a subscriber performs any certain activity. This is also called as E-Mail Marketing. This is the cycle of Integrated Digital Marketing.

What is niche and how to select it

A niche is the type of market in which a specific area of marketing has its particular requirement, has own customers and products also. In niche marketing, there are three major options which are the following: Health, Relationship, and Money.

The selection of a niche is a very common question asked by every student in this field. According To Deepak sir, your niche selection is a must and it should be on priority. There are few steps which help you to find your niche, are as follows:

1 Identify your passion and talent along with market opportunity.

2 Have enthusiasm in your selection and be passionate about it.

3 Research your field as much as you can

4 Determine the profitability of your niche

5 Get mass trust who gives you 1000 customers who spend 10000 on the course.

1000 customers*10000 rupees=1 crore INR

Looking amazing, It is …………….??

Market Demand

It is the demand for a product from buyers into the market. We can search it easily through the following method:

1 Google Autosuggest


3 Talk to customer

4 Amazon reviews

5 Look for pre and post-production of other products.

Personal Branding and its benefit

It is the method by which you can develop and maintain your reputation in the market. It is an ongoing process. Do not hesitate to put your content in front of the world. One should not have the fear to stand out. Show your personality and character on social media.

Deepak Sir said that “with more content, you will own more of the internet” so always posting your skill on the social media platform in the different forms.

Personal Branding helps us to aim the job of our choice, freelancing service, build our own consulting business, close a client deal, and many more.

How the Funnel Works

It is the customer journey from the awareness stage to the purchase stage. The funnel gives an idea about the customers. One should keep these in mind :

Moving the free line

Make the funnel automated

Build the relationship on automation

Build trust and gains the mass trust

Get 1,000,000 people at the top of funnel to get 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel.

Build the Brand Ambassadors which advertise your product and you know, the mouth publicity is the best way of the promotion, reviews, and referrals also work.




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