Apache Helicopter vs HAL LCH: Who is the best in Mountain Warfare?

Apache Helicopter

It is the most lethal attack helicopter in the world. It takes part in many combat operations. The first flight of the Apache Helicopter was held in 1975.

  • United States Army
  • Israeli Air Force
  • Egyptian Air Force
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Indian Air Force

Variants of the Apache

Apache has come with a variety of variants which includes lots of technology.

  • AH-64A Apache
  • AH-64B Apache
  • AH-64C Apache
  • AH-64D Apache
  • AH-64E Apache
  • AH-64F
  • Sea Apache
  • Compound Apache

HAL LCH ( Light Combat Helicopters)

LCH is the world’s lightest attack helicopter and is designed and manufactured in India. LCH had taken its first flight on 29 March 2010.


Although there is not any comparison between Apache and LCH. We will only discuss the capabilities of both helicopters.


As per the expert’s opinion and after reading a bunch of articles on both the helicopter, we can conclude ourselves. Apache and HAL LCH have different capabilities that’s why we can see the differences in their actions.



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