A detailed article on the Internship of Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak

  1. Moving the free line

Learning from second class

Rule of Golden Triangle:


At the very start of the class, Deepak sir makes us aware of the magical term golden triangle. So the question, what is the golden triangle. It is not any triangle made up of gold, it is the formula for getting success in the Internet Lifestyle.

Mistakes Are Future Benefits:

In our entire life, we have been taught never be fail, If you fail you can not succeed in your life. This is the main reason that is why we are not able to face our mistakes but mistakes and failure are part of life.

Be authentic to communicate better

We live in a world where people disguise their behavior from time to time to reach the apex of that file. Nowadays peoples are tired of fake people and their fake stories.

Who is your Audience

This is the most important step for any of the marketers knowing about the audience helps us to prepare ourselves according to them.

Your Target Customer Avatar

So…. What is the customer avatar? Basically, the customer avatar is the set of your targeted audience and it helps us to understand the demography and psychology

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Challenge what you already know and create new beliefs and the way of thinking. Always try to come out of your comfort zone.

3rd week:

A class about the 8 much-needed skills of digital marketing and how to become a digital marketing expert

Learnings from the 3rd class

Many important Tools for Digital Marketing

  • Google search console- Free SEO tool for the website owner.
  • Moz pro- SEO analytics tool
  • Ahrefs — SEO tool for a digital marketer
  • Website crawling
  • Leaning Digital Marketing Tools help me to understand the reason behind the organic reach.
  • I can get more reach than before. It helps me to create a new campaign on social media and analyze its performance.
  • Knowing about the Digital Marketing Tools can boom your business. I am still in the learning phase.
  • I share my experience with you and more success will be added under my name in the coming months.

Week 4

The class about website creation and knowledge about hosting.

Week 5

Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Class

Week 6

Lecture about the ads more specific to Facebook ads

Week 7

How to Monetizing Your Digital Marketing Skills

  • High Paying Job in a Digital Marketing World.
  • Much More traffic on your Blog
  • Sussecfull E-Mail Marketing Campaign
  • Analyze your website traffic in a more advanced form
  • Boost your personal Brand
  • Create your own course and sell it
  • Start your own Digital Marketing Agency which is the future revolution



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